Misty Live Recap Episode 16 Final

Live Recap for episode 16 of the Korean drama Misty.


This is it, the end! We will find out what actually happened that night and I believe they will be true to their word of twists and turns until the end. We still haven’t found out anything about EJ, but the preview hints that we will learn a bit more about her in this episode possibly? I adore this writer, these actors, and the production team for making this drama so I’m going to put my trust in them until the end. View Post

Drama Milk Playlist #1: The Misty edition

Drama Milk Playlist #1 Misty Edition


Y’all, I feel like today is a music listening to day, so here is a playlist for all my Misty people in Tae-wook despair right now. It’s just a few songs/back ground music from some dramas and a couple songs thrown in that remind me of Misty. As far as the songs that remind me of Misty, the song I picked for Tae-wook is the Mumford and Son’s one. I feel like Tae-wook will be singing this song to Hae-ran after he sits on his couch and stairs into nothingness with his sexy/broody self. It is so amazing how much this song matches him/their situation but in a fun way. The second song could almost be Misty’s theme song since woman run things on that show. Behind the scenes, but they still run it. Plus it’s really catchy and just sticks in my head. One last episode to go! View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 15

Live Recap for episode 15 of the Korean drama Misty


I feel like I need to quote Saved By The Bell, “I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so….scared.” That pretty much sums up how I feel right now. If I wasn’t recapping this show, then I think I would avoid these last two episodes until I got word on how the ending was. I’m basically okay with literally anyone else killing Kevin Lee…Tae-wook’s wife…Tae-wook’s Dad (or Mom)…Tae-wook’s office colleague…just, anyone but Tae-wook. I feel like I need to emotionally distance myself from TW so I can accept this storyline. Hopefully there are still some tricks up the writers sleeve and the editing of the preview is just playing with our minds. Pretty please, with sugar on top? View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 14

Live Recap for episode 14 of the Korean drama Misty


I feel like we have to much show left, yet we only have 3 episodes to go. When did we get here? It really felt like yesterday’s episode was setting us up for Tae-wook to be the man that met with Kevin Lee that night. But I feel like that is too easy of a give, there has to be something else going on! View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 13

Live Recap for episode 13 of the Korean drama Misty.


I love the above photo of our two loves because it shows a moment of quiet with just the two of them before the storm of the trial hits. This trial is at least three parts in my eyes: a trial for Hae-ran’s freedom, a trial for both their reputations, and a trial for their marriage. I hope they win all three, but I feel like something has got to give. Poor Tae-wook is about to find out a lot about his wife. Hopefully he can handle it. View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 12

Live Recap for episode 12 of the Korean drama Misty


Okay, so how did Tae-wook really manage to swallow his pride enough to go back to that scandalous/corrupt law firm and ask to work for them so that he can defend his wife who they hung out to dry and laughed about it in his face? Forget balls of steel, that man has reserve of steel, shoot, forget steel, he is just ice, cool calm ice in the face of global warming. He can’t trust anyone there and the heat is coming from all sides. It is eternal summer for my lovely Tae-wook iceberg. View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 11

Live Recap for episode 11 of the Korean drama Misty


A clip was released early for episode 11 of Misty! We translated it and pasted it at the bottom of last weeks episode. I love it when productions pre-release scenes, it gives me a chance to catch up. As far as today’s episode, I am a little worried about the higher-ups trying to put a wedge between Hae-ran and Gyu-suk (the JBC Director). Hopefully, it does not work. Similarly, Eun-joo is still out there, but I kind of feel like Myung-woo will help rein her in? View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 10

Live recap for episode 10 of the Korean drama Misty starring Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee


Ji-won is the woman of the moment. She was instrumental in protecting the files on the steel and construction companies and she was the last person to call Kevin Lee on the night of his murder. Was she the killer…or did she just want a booty call? Hae-ran is free and will (hopefully) have a moment of quiet comfort with TW at home, but EJ is all alone and in a seemingly unending spiral from bad to worse. The preview yesterday was cray, but I’m pretty sure todays episode will be crazier. View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 9

Live recap for episode 9 of the Korean drama Misty starring Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee


It feels like it has been ages since the last Misty episode, yet it still managed to sneak up on me. I looked up yesterday and was all like, ‘Hold up, Misty is tomorrow?!?’ It was a great moment. View Post

Misty Live Recap Episode 8

Live recap for episode 8 of the Korean drama Misty starring Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee


Okay y’all, this episode marks the halfway point. Yes, only the halfway point, I know! Are we all still okay? Is the blood pressure alright? I feel like watching Misty is my excuse for working out, my heart races so much at all the plot twists. It has to be equivalent to walking a mile, at least. Maybe running one at my pace. View Post