Last Minute Romance Episode 10 Final: Answer Me 2087

Web drama Lee seo won Han Seung yeon
This was a very cute web drama that ended just as adorably as it began. The title is a take on the super successful Answer Me franchise with Answer Me 1997, Answer Me 1994, and Answer Me 1988. This one is bitter sweet though because it is wishful thinking. I had a fun time watching this series and I look forward to the next web drama! View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 9: The Last Scandal of Her Life

Last Minute Romance web drama
I looooooooove the title of this episode because I saw The Last Scandal of My Life and it was sooooo good. I didn’t think I would like that drama as much as I did because the protagonists were much older than me and we had drastically different lives, but I loved it. It was so good. If fact, I think I should rewatch it. View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 8: Sympathetic Love

Last Minute Romance web drama
Y’all, this episode ending had me reaching for the like button, DJ is the best in it and goes against what the typical male lead would do. Though it is another episode where I am at a loss for the drama that it relates to. The tile is either Sympathetic Love or Love with Sympathy. I don’t know, I’m at a loss. This episode is great though! I was so ready to watch episode 9 after finishing this one. The ending basically makes you trip over yourself to get to the next episode! View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 7: Again Mistaken

Last Minute Romance
Today’s episode is title Again Mistaken, though I am at a loss for what drama this title is based off of. Things are getting complicated for our couple in this episode, though I am confident that they will bring it back around. We’ll be posting 3 episodes of Last Minute Romance today, all the way up to episode 9. Then Friday and Saturday are our live recaps of Go Back Spouses so we probably won’t post any episodes then. But we will catch back up on Sunday by posting episode 10. View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 6: What Happened in Building

Today’s title is weird, but if you know that is a spoof on What Happened in Bali, you are easier to forgive it. For some reason this episode was split into two parts and each part had its own video. I decided to combine them all into one post though because these episodes are so short. View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 5: The World They Lived In

Last Minute Romance Episode 5
It looks like our couple is getting into the swing of things with this play acting/real acting. The only thing is, everyone else thinks DJ is JSW too. I foresee all sorts of problems coming up. View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 4: Melo Over Flowers

Dong-joo may look like JSW, but can he act like him? We find that out in this episode. Spoiler alert, it’s harder than it might seem. Also, good lord these images came out super grainy. What is up with that internet! I’m jealous of everyone with 4K screens. View Post

Last Minute Romance Episode 3: It’s Okay, It’s a Contract

The title of this episode is It’s Okay, It’s a Contract. Which is a take on the drama It’s Okay, It’s Love. That drama is so good by the way. I recommend watching it if you haven’t already. Okay, let’s get into it! View Post

Last Minute Romance: Episode 2

Web drama Lee Seo-won
The second episode of Last Minute Romance was just as adorable as the first. Our couple meets in this episode, though it is only love (lust?) at first site for one of them. We have the stakes for everyone and we know what they each wants. I’m rooting for them. View Post

Last Minute Romance Live Recap: Episode 1

This is our first web drama recap! Does anyone watch web dramas? I always want to watch them but they are so hard to find. It reminds me of the stone age of drama watching were the only way you could watch something was by knowing someone who knew someone. View Post