Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 12 Final

Go Back Spouses Live recap Final Episode
Okay y’all, it’s the last episode! We heard through the grapevine that todays episode is 80 minutes! Like for real for real. I’m a little scared because after yesterdays ending I don’t know what to believe anymore. Is this writer going to give us a Lovers in Paris? A Goblin? HELP ME UNDERSTAND. View Post

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 11

Live Recap Go Back Couple
Are you prepared for this Mama, Jin-joo, Ban-do cry fest encounter of the third kind we are about to be exposed to? Because I’m not. All the feels are out y’all and that had to be hard for Ban-do, especially with how traditional his family dynamics are, but he did it. He did it in the most exposed way possible holding this box of grapes and apologizing with all his heart and soul as he cried into the abyss. As Oprah and Beyonce say, “Those were ugly tears y’all.” That’s when you know, man. That’s when you know. View Post

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 10

고백부부 Go Back Spouses recap 10
The ending of the last episode was filled with so many feels, y’all. Nam-gil has completely fallen for Jin-joo, Ban-do has completely re-fallen for Jin-joo, and Jin-joo is caught in the middle of this love sandwich with extra cheese. View Post

Drama Quotes: Go Back Couple

Go Back Couple Korean Drama

This quote was so hilarious because it’s pretty spot on, except for the ghost part. Soooo looking forward to episode 9 on Friday!

Drama Quotes: Go Back Couple

Korean Drama Go Back Couple

One of my favorite quotes from episode 8 of Go Back Couple. Nam-gil does not mess around when it comes to the women he loves likes.

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 8

Korean drama recap Jang Nara
Who do we think saved Jin-joo at the end of episode 7? Was it Nam-gil aka ROTC? Was it Ban-do? Or was it someone else entirely? Perhaps we’ll be surprised… View Post

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 7

Go Back Spouses Live Recap 7

The cactus is coming back to life y’all! Their love is re-growing!

Has anyone else noticed that the cactus is coming back to life! I think it represents their love re-growing for each other. I also love how JJ’s mother is the one nurturing it back to life (though I do think the magic has something to do with it as well, but maybe that is why they went back in the first place? For the mother to nurture their love back? OMG, that would be so wonderful). Love all around y’all! View Post

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 6

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook then you know we had to cancel yesterdays live recap due to work. Just as an fyi, we try to give updates on Twitter as things happen, like if the update button breaks or something. It’s easy to shoot off a tweet until everything is popping again. Hopefully meetings don’t get in away again. Okay, off to the live recap! View Post

Go Back Couple Episode 5

This review is hella long, y’all. This is what usually happens when we don’t do things live-live and do them after the fact. We always pause to make sure we understood something properly and it takes us twice as long to do the recap, lol. Not a problem since it’s Friday afternoon and we love this show. Like super love. Like dripping with happiness love. This show is so great. View Post

Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 4

Go Back Couple
Welcome to episode 4’s live recap. Let’s see what happens in that broadcast fall out shall we? View Post