Fight for My Way Recap: Episode 1

Ssam my way recap episode 1

Y’all, recapping is so tough, oh my gosh. But I’m handling it because Fight for My Way is giving me life! This drama has all the stylish-retro-throwback fun that the title and teasers promised, plus the cinematography, directing, and acting are so on point; I was immediately pulled right in.

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Lee Sung-kyung interview with W magazine April/May 2017

Lee Sung Kyung W interview translated
하얀 티셔츠와 시스루 소재의 검은색 스커트, 브리프는 모두 디올, 진주 장식의 앵클 스트랩 슈즈는 스튜어트 와이츠먼 제품.
White t-shirts and see-through black skirts and briefs are all from Dior, pearl decorated ankle strap shoes are Stuart Weitzman products.

We have another interview for Lee Sung-kyung (이성경) here on Bah+Doo. This interview is from W Magazine April/May 2017. So far I am really enjoying her interviews. This particular interview explains her rise to stardom. She had a starring role in a drama quicker than most actresses and she has a crazy amount of Instagram followers for a person who was not a famous actor or Idol (~6.4 million as of this post). But instead of being bashful and shrugging it off, she explained that it was because she joined Instagram when it first started, as a model, and it just naturally took off from there.

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Fight for My Way long teaser with English subs and sub talk

Fight for My Way Korean Drama long teaser

We have the long teaser for Fight for My Way ready to go! With Fight for My Way airing on Monday, we do not have much more of a wait. But even so, we wanted to get this teaser out because we know how it feels to be a fan and not have any subs. We also don’t think the subs will be out for this drama until Tuesday or Wednesday and that is just too long to wait to find out what happens, am I right!

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Song Joong-ki interview with W magazine: Calm and Passion

Song Joong-ki W magazine interview
흰색 스티치가 포인트인 검정 테일러드 코트, 순백의 티셔츠, 팬츠는 모두 Louis Vuitton 제품.
The black tailored coat with white point stitching, white t-shirt, and pants are all from Louis Vuitton.

I was first introduced to Song Joong-ki (송중기) through the Korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, which I loved. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him in anything since then. I heard Wolf Boy was really good, and of course everyone raves about Descended from the Sun. I saw the first few episodes of Descended from the Sun and I definitely saw what pulled people in. I need to finish watching it when I have loads of time and a bowl of ice cream.

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More posters and behind the scenes images for Fight for My Way

Fight for my way korean drama

Minor league success story! We will face the world loudly (impolitely) not quietly (politely) like major league people.

We have more posters for Fight for My Way! I am actually not sure if these are official posters or fan made posters, but I love them either way. These posters are taking phrases from the promotion of the TV show and putting them on the poster. I have already fallen hard for this show, so I really hope it lives up to at least part of my expectations. I will be very happy if it is fun a lighthearted with a bit of depth. All of these actors are capable of it, so I expect them to bring it.

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Lee Sun-kyun and Ahn Jae-hong’s Arena interview: Get close, get closer

Lee sun kyun aha joe hong translated english interview
이선균이 입은 흰색 셔츠·남색 벨벳 재킷·오버사이즈 롱 코트 모두 장광효 카루소, 보타이는 스타일리스트 소장품. 안재홍이 입은 흰색 셔츠는 마시모두띠, 핀 스트라이프 스리피스 수트는 스튜디오 더수트, 스트라이프 타이와 행커치프는 모두 브로이어, 안경은 라이아이웨어 제품.
Lee Sun-gyun’s white shirt, navy blue velvet jacket and oversized long coat are all designer Jang Guang-hyo’s CARUSO. Ahn Jae-hong’s white shirt is Massimo Dutti, pin striped triple suits are Studio the Suit, striped ties and handkerchief are both Breuer, glasses are Lie Eyewear.

Below is an interview Lee Sun-kyun (이선균)and Ahn Jae-hong (안재홍) participated in to promote their upcoming Korean movie, The Kings Case Note (임금님의 사건수첩) that we translated from Korean to English. I’ve loved Lee Sun-kyun ever since he was the second male lead in Coffee Prince (I wanted him to get the girl!) and have recently come to know Ahn Jae-hong from the Korean drama Answer Me 1988 and the upcoming Fight for My Way. I know Fight for My Way hasn’t even aired yet, but still, I feel like I know him already! From the interview it looks like they became close friends and that the entire crew had a fun time while shooting. Enjoy the interview and Happy Monday!

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