Fight for My Way Detailed Music List

Music Songs fight for my way
I’ve been wanting to do this for a minute. We are trying to put together a complete music list of all the music that was in Fight for My Way in each episode. Your help is greatly appreciated, so if you see a song that we missed then let us know. I’ll keep adding links and music to this list until it is complete. I took most of this list from our live recap links, but I need to rewatch a few of the episodes to help fill it in.

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Go Back Couple Live Recap Episode 9

Live recap Jang Nara Korean drama
Y’all, this show hits me in all the feels. I go back and forth as to if I want them to get back together or not. I kind of want Ban-do and Jin-joo to move on (I mean who doesn’t love the 2nd lead right?), but then I see their little bundle of joy and I want them to work things out. Maybe there is a compromise?

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Drama Math: The Linear Relationship

Korean Drama Math Linear Line
Stream of Thought Symptoms:
You know that time when you were super excited to watch a drama, so excited that you did nothing else but hound AsianWiki, Soompi, Dramabeans, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest for every tidbit that you could find about it, and then you woke up crazy early to live stream it (because you are on West coast time and dramas come on at 5am) and then you watched the first episode and you were all like, “Okay, not bad, not great, but not bad,” and then you watched the next episode and you were all like, “Okay, maybe we’re getting somewhere, I trust the writer!” and then you watched the next episode and you were all like, “The cinematography is really good…” and then you watched the next one and you were all like, “Why did she do that…” but you LOVE this drama because: love y’all, so you keep watching, it’s not like it’s baaaaad, it’s just not what you thought, so you keep watching because there isn’t any one thing to make you stop…

Diagnosis: Then you are on the linear curve of continued disappointment, my friends.
Tough Love: I hate to tell you, but this drama will not get better, it will not necessarily get worse, it will just continue to steadily disappoint your expectations.
Remedy: Hop off while you still can and find yourself some drama tonic or elixir or something to keep you from going back.

Last Minute Romance Episode 10 Final: Answer Me 2087

Web drama Lee seo won Han Seung yeon
This was a very cute web drama that ended just as adorably as it began. The title is a take on the super successful Answer Me franchise with Answer Me 1997, Answer Me 1994, and Answer Me 1988. This one is bitter sweet though because it is wishful thinking. I had a fun time watching this series and I look forward to the next web drama!

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