Jang Ki Yong Instagram Roundup Part IV

장기용 Instagram

And here is the last Instagram Roundup blast from the past for Jang Ki-yong (장기용). I might do another one sometime in the future, but I think I will wait for his next project until I dive back into his Instagram. He has a lot y’all.

I do think I want to do Jang Nara’s (장나라) Instagram again. We have done one of her’s before, but it would be fun to see what she has been up to since then.

And of course I want to look into some of the other cast members Instagrams as well if they have them. Like the ballerina, does she have actual dancing in her background or did she just look the part in a tutu? She definitely had skinny on lock. Though weakness is a misnomer in ballerinas, they are strong af. Misty Copeland being my favorite of all time.

But anyway, back to Jang Ki-yong! His last roundup is below. I tried to include a couple links in this one as well, though not as many as I wanted to. I love links y’all. I mean what is the internet without links? I would search down every restaurant and location he went to and have the link at the ready if I had that much time. Does that sound stalkerish? I hope not.

juanxkui You, give me all your burdens show (Gu mo ne) ended. unknown thrill and tension invaded into my throat. As soon as the radio started, automatic vibrations started. Then I sang Missing You right away. It was the moment that made me feel free as well. Because of the cracking sound, I had a moment of despair, but it was buried because of Woo-jae hyung’s passionate singing, popping a vein, showing the white part of his eyes, squeezing. Really, Woo-jae hyung’s passionate singing is hard to enjoy if you are not there live. I realized again how great he is. I want to write some more, but I am sleepy now. It was a great time and I really enjoyed the moment. Thank you so much #GuMoNe (GuMoNe was a concert)

juanxkui I heard an egg cracking sound from the fitting room. What? I stopped what I was doing and ran there. Then it was her. #egg #Egg Sung-kyung

juanxkui #Dadaepobeach #Neuo hyung #Mi-neuo hyung #Busan rice soup #Zai Jian (Bye in Chinese)

juanxkui Landed on Haeundae beach. I had to kick because I coundn’t explain how happy I was. The weather tastes like honey. #Busan #radioeyes #honkinghonking #Kki-yeong kki-yeong #Jang Kki-yeong #Jang Ki-yong

juanxkui Mybro😬#Sunshine concert which started suddenly #being calm #turn our back on the stage #synchronized with the Sun’s music beat #split up the beat #we split up the part #one more time #a beautiful night

juanxkui The best bing-su (ice flakes with syrup) in 23 years of my life #Egg Sun-kyung

juanxkui A short hike with Lafuma. Let’s shout out together. Namaste #lafuma #namaste

juanxkui Joo-hyuk’s very nice pick up. His confidence and aura glowing from his back, which was very different from the driving exam. I was a little shocked because his shoulders were very high. He dropped me off very safely. Good.

juanxkui So lovely. 👣 #want to eat? #want me to pat you? #no touch? #want go out for a walk? #want to sleep? #want to take a bath? #not understandable massiveness #I want one

juanxkui Hey pinku. I won’t touch you

juanxkui Tucks, who shows what is the textbook taking nap under a sunshine which is like a sunshine from haven.

juanxkui Ttuit. Ttait. Tteuit #Roriat

juanxkui #Charcoalo#Eating Show#my meal #one serving #allurekorea

juanxkui Right. This is it. This is the day I want to being one, or not, with the pinwheel, give a little bit of fake, show up with a peekaboo, then I want to fly up to the sky using the spinning power of the pinwheel. #Imjingak

juanxkui That time, with that facial expression, when I parted my hair and put everything into the piano. When I was a piano prospect. #miniYong #babyYong

juanxkui I want to eat fast but I can’t tear open the soup base bag

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