Park Seo-joon Elle Interview: Solid Homme, Solid Soul

Park Seo-jun 박서준 Elle Interview
블랙 컬러 반팔 티셔츠는 James Perse by Beaker. 블랙 시퀸 블루종은 Kimseoryong. 블랙 팬츠는 Nudie Jeans. 묵직함이 느껴지는 모토 바이크는 ‘뉴 R 1200 R’로 BMW.
The short-sleeved black polo shirt is from James Perse by Beaker. Black Sequin blouson is from Kimseoryong. Black pants are from Nudie Jeans. The heavy feel motorcycle is from BMW ‘New R 1200 R’.

The trifecta is complete, y’all. Herein lies the latest and greatest Park Seo-joon (박서준) Elle interview; it is seriously the best Elle interview so far. This one is for you Bubyluvy, who was a winner in our first translation giveaway contest we did for the halfway point mark of Fight for My Way. Bubyluvy requested something about Park Seo-joon and when we recommended this interview Bubyluvy was like, “Cool! That works for me.” We really have the best readers here.

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Paid Vacation for the Fight for My Way Cast

It must be nice! It looks like the production is so happy with the performance of the drama Fight for My Way, that they have decided to spring for a vacation for the cast to Jeju Island. That has to be the best kind of news. The cast can chill out and have fun in a tropical local, the crew can relax with a job well done, Ji-won and Seo-joon can have their alone time together…wait what?

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New Drama Adaptation Paul from the Sky

Remake Paul from the sky
Well this came out of nowhere! Or at least it seems like it. The drama production company JS Pictures has picked up the production rights for the webcomic Paul from the Sky by Writer Kim In-ho and will begin production in August. The webcomic was first published in June 2016 and is crazy popular with a fan mania surrounding it. The webcomic has even had two books published, which is a huge deal.

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Kim Ji-won The Star Interview: Dreaming of a Love Like the Gu-won Couple

Kim Ji-won The Star Interview

Here is a requested video from Lalaloo. Lalaloo wanted something to do with Kim Ji-won (김지원), so after looking through YouTube we were able to find this video interview for them. This was a fun video to translate because Kim Ji-won is pretty expressive, she was constantly moving her head or laughing or smiling or looking up as the thought. She really has a casual way of capturing your attention. The embedded video and transcript are below as well as the screen captures. Enjoy!

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Park Seo-joon Elle Interview: Libero, As Himself

Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
어깨에 걸친 야자수 프린트 아우터웨어는 Eeo To To by Boon the Shop. 체크 셔츠와 팬츠는 Marc Jacobs by Mue. 모자는 Momosma.
The palm print outwear on his shoulder is from Eeo To To by Boon the Shop. The Check shirts and pants are from Marc Jacobs by Mue. The hat is from Momosma.

This Interview is for Micro-Hulk who asked for an interview and video of Park Seo-joon (박서준) from our Giveaway Post a while back. We found this paired video and interview with Elle magazine from 2014. We hope you enjoy the Interview and video Micro-Hulk. I also included screen captures at the end of the article. Enjoy!

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Bride of the Water God Live Recap: Episode 2

Bride of the water god live recap episode 2

We’re trying out live recapping this one on the fly and we’re coming straight over from Fight for My Way, so this live recap might be crazy. We watched a little bit of episode 1 and it looks like a pretty cool show so hopefully this works out okay. If so, then we’ll see if we can swing it with work and all that in the coming weeks.

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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 14

Ssam my way live recap episode 14

Happy 4th of July Y’all! We already started partying, hence this post being super late today. But we’re awake now! Let’s find out what happens when Dong-man opens that closet door, shall we! Will all the family secrets pour right out? I have to know. Welcome to the live recap of episode 14 for Fight For My Way. Please make yourself at home, look around, and say hello. (Also, we might try to live recap Bride of the Water God after this finishes airing, but no promises. Since it is a holiday for us (in the States) we’re going to try and make it happen. If you see the post link pop up then that means we’re giving it a go.)

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Pyo Ye-jin Interview, Arena Magazine: Pyo Ye-jin’s Now

Pyo Ye Jin Interview Arena Magazine
체크 재킷과 스커트는 모두 텔더트루스 제품.
The checkered jacket and skirt are all from TELL THE TRUTH

LOVE this interview with Pyo Ye-jin (표예진) who plays Jang Ye-jin in Fight for My Way. She is owning her part as a super sweet and innocent young woman who just wants to love the man she wants to love AND have him love her back. I mean, don’t we all? Okay, I know, we should all hate her because she is stealing young Sul-hee’s Oppa, but I just can’t because – I don’t know – I just can’t. She is just so naive and unknowing. I don’t even think she knows the damage she caused. But, honestly, Joo-man should have shut her down cold in the beginning. I mean really, she didn’t even know he had a girlfriend he loved until practically the end of the show.

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