Kim Ji-won and Jung Woo-sung’s Starfield Making Film and Commercial

Kim Ji Won Jung Woo sung BTS Making

Here is the last part of Conspiracy Theory for the Win‘s translation request. The Starfield commercial we were talking about in the other posts is finally here! The commercial is with Kim Ji-won and Jung Woo-sung and it is super campy (which I love). We hard embedded the translation into the post and provided the written translation of it below (under the video) and screen caps are at the end. Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway Conspiracy Theory for the Win. You can find you can find your other two posts here and here. We hope you enjoy the making film and the commercial. ^_^

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Kim Ji-won Making Film of Starfield Hanam Commercial

Kim Ji Won making film

Here is the behind the scenes making film for Kim Ji-won‘s (김지원) Starfield Shopping center commercial. It looks like they had a lot of fun behind the scenes. Also, Kim Ji-won’s management company KingKong Entertainment is on top of things with releasing behind the scenes videos and images. You could spend all day looking through all of their behind the scenes videos of all their talent. I just wish they set up their website again. But who am I to complain when their social media is on point.

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Fight for My Way halfway point giveaway winners!

Ssam My Way winners
We have the giveaway winners for our Fight for My Way halfway point contest! Thank you to everyone who left comments! It was really delightful to read all the comments and have some fun banter back and forth. I think we will do one of these again, maybe closer to the end? Argh, I don’t even want to think about the end! Fight for My Way, can’t you never end? Just keep running forever and ever like Grey’s Anatomy!

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Psst…Fight for My Way halfway point translation giveaway contest!

Ssam my way giveaway contest
Hello hello hello! We are kind of sad that Fight for My Way is already half way over, so to cheer ourselves up we decided to do a giveaway! This giveaway will be super easy. You don’t have to like anything or join anything or sign up for anything or whatever, all you have to do is leave a comment on our live recap for episode 7 and episode 8 of Fight for My Way. You don’t even have to register. So simple right? The best news is – there will be 10 winners! 5 winners each episode and yes you can win twice.

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