Behind the Scenes Editing of Fight for My Way

Another really quick post showing the editing process for a few episodes of Fight for My Way. I love this little peek behind the scenes because we rarely get the chance to see how it all comes together. I mean check out all those screens! Also, is it just me or does it feel like we done time warped to the 70s?

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Fight for My Way DC Inside Gallery and Febreze Gift Baskets

Fight for My Way party gifts

If you thought the cake was a generous gift from DC Insides Fight for My Way Gallery, then feast your eyes on the gift baskets that they prepared for the cast and crew. I know I said the cake was insane, but this gift basket is crazy insane. I mean, how do they even go about doing all this stuff? I would assume they collected money from people in the gallery or perhaps the owners of DC Inside provided the gift to Fight for My Way? Kind of like a big THANK YOU present for all the clicks to their site? I am not sure actually. I kind of feel like the fans did it though.

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Paid Vacation for the Fight for My Way Cast

It must be nice! It looks like the production is so happy with the performance of the drama Fight for My Way, that they have decided to spring for a vacation for the cast to Jeju Island. That has to be the best kind of news. The cast can chill out and have fun in a tropical local, the crew can relax with a job well done, Ji-won and Seo-joon can have their alone time together…wait what?

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New Drama Adaptation Paul from the Sky

Remake Paul from the sky
Well this came out of nowhere! Or at least it seems like it. The drama production company JS Pictures has picked up the production rights for the webcomic Paul from the Sky by Writer Kim In-ho and will begin production in August. The webcomic was first published in June 2016 and is crazy popular with a fan mania surrounding it. The webcomic has even had two books published, which is a huge deal.

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Fight for My Way long teaser with English subs and sub talk

Fight for My Way Korean Drama long teaser

We have the long teaser for Fight for My Way ready to go! With Fight for My Way airing on Monday, we do not have much more of a wait. But even so, we wanted to get this teaser out because we know how it feels to be a fan and not have any subs. We also don’t think the subs will be out for this drama until Tuesday or Wednesday and that is just too long to wait to find out what happens, am I right!

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More posters and behind the scenes images for Fight for My Way

Fight for my way korean drama

Minor league success story! We will face the world loudly (impolitely) not quietly (politely) like major league people.

We have more posters for Fight for My Way! I am actually not sure if these are official posters or fan made posters, but I love them either way. These posters are taking phrases from the promotion of the TV show and putting them on the poster. I have already fallen hard for this show, so I really hope it lives up to at least part of my expectations. I will be very happy if it is fun a lighthearted with a bit of depth. All of these actors are capable of it, so I expect them to bring it.

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