Han Seung-yeon Grazia Interview: Push and Pull

Whenever we start recapping dramas we always try to learn a bit more about the actors in the drama. In that vein we have started to look up interviews that the Last Minute Romance and Go Back Couple actors have participated in. We found this one for Han Seung-yeon which was conducted about a year ago. If anyone knows of any magazine interviews that any of the other actors have participated in, then send us a line.

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Lee Hyori Cosmopolitan: Owner of a Free Soul

Lee Hyori translated interview

Lee Hyori (이효리) is hands down the best celebrity in Korea. Yes, I’m extremely biased because I already love her. But this interview shows just how leaps and bounds she is in front of the pack in terms of her mentality. I love how down-to-Earth she is, how bohemian she is, how humanitarian she is, and in how she continues to discover the world. Her yoga game is on point as well. Seriously, just check out her Instagram.

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Kim Seulgi Nylon Magazine Interview: Widow’s Cruse

Kim Seulgi 김슬기 has several Nylon interviews and this one is the most recent. It happened this past summer 2017 and was probably done to help promote her role in the drama The Guardians (which I haven’t seen yet, but I heard it was gooooood). I have no earthly idea why they titled it Widows Cruse though. That just makes no sense to me. Perhaps it has to do with the concept or her drama? I don’t know.

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