Lee Dong-Wook the Star Interview Part I: I Will Be Strict with My Kids

Lee Dong Wook star interview

Here is our last Giveaway winner post from our first giveaway. This interview is for MushMush and it is a two-part interview for Lee Dong-wook (이동욱) who has recently shot to new heights of fame after Goblin (or otherwise known as Guardian: The Lonely and Shining God). This interview is from before his Goblin days when he was on the rise and has an interesting A-Z format. The writer also put his comments in parenthesis throughout the interview, which makes for an interesting read. Part 2 will come later on today. Part 1 is below.

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Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Live Recap: Episode 4

Courtesy of Vogue

Today’s episode introduces two new guests, a halmoni and halabog. I’m interested to see how they will affect the show. Also, just a note that we won’t be able to do the live recap of Bride of the Water God this Monday and Tuesday for episodes 5&6. We are packing/cleaning/unplugging/moving/etc this week. We are also not sure when we will have the internet back (and fast enough for live streaming), but hopefully we will be able to have it soon.

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Behind the Scenes Editing of Fight for My Way

Another really quick post showing the editing process for a few episodes of Fight for My Way. I love this little peek behind the scenes because we rarely get the chance to see how it all comes together. I mean check out all those screens! Also, is it just me or does it feel like we done time warped to the 70s?

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Fight for My Way DC Inside Gallery and Febreze Gift Baskets

Fight for My Way party gifts

If you thought the cake was a generous gift from DC Insides Fight for My Way Gallery, then feast your eyes on the gift baskets that they prepared for the cast and crew. I know I said the cake was insane, but this gift basket is crazy insane. I mean, how do they even go about doing all this stuff? I would assume they collected money from people in the gallery or perhaps the owners of DC Inside provided the gift to Fight for My Way? Kind of like a big THANK YOU present for all the clicks to their site? I am not sure actually. I kind of feel like the fans did it though.

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Fight for My Way Live Recap: Episode 16

Ssam My Way episode 16 recap

THE! LAST! EPISODE! Are you ready? Because I don’t think I’m ready. I’m kind of scared actually. This is THE last chance to tell us how you liked the live recap of Fight for My Way (tear) and what you liked about the show in general. Also, this was our first time live recapping a drama and we have no idea if the live recapping is going well or if it could be better. We really want to know if you have any suggestions on how to improve it or if it’s cool the way it is or anything. It will really help us out in the future.

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